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About us

Our History & Mission

Put your child in the hands of Swim Kids, and put your mind at ease

Swim Kids School pools have been opened since 1994. Since then we’ve become parents’ most trusted choice when it comes to giving little ones the gift of getting reacquainted with their early environment, the water. We develop a skill set that will lead to a healthier, stronger, more confident growing child. Learning to swim at an early age will help stimulate a child’s intuition, growth and all around physical health. An important reason for teaching a child how to swim, particularly here in South Florida and anywhere with nearby water, is safety.
We specialize in classes for the little ones, starting at just 6 months. We recognize that babies and toddlers require particular attention and motivation. We are enthusiastic about providing a swimming lesson that is pleasant and a fun worthwhile experience for you and your family, so that your child can always feel safe in this environment, giving you a peace of mind and confidence in their strength. Make your child a Swim Kid, and put your heart at ease. Swim Kids offers swimming lesson for all ages, infant through adults.

Our staff know it's way in and out of water

Trained in Physical Education and knowledgeable in all things Swimming, Survival & Style Technique.
Our instructors are enthusiastic, approachable and kind, they will teach your children the basic skills necessary to react appropriately in and around water, as well as an introduction to the competitive sport of swimming. 

Swim Kids School is a provider of Red Cross, a member of the WABC (World Aquatic Baby Conference) and NSSA (National Swim School Association).

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Join our staff

We are always looking for dedicated and knowledgeable swimming instructors who love working with children.

Apply if these apply:

  • You have an intense amount of energy and a never-ending smile.
  • You have endless patience with our children and their parents.
  • You have a great sense of humor.
  • You are able to work under pressure.
  • You have a desire to learn and teach
  • You are able to work as a team.