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Babies & me / Turtles & me

Ages: 6 month – 24 month / 24 month - 36 month

In this class, one parent joins the instructor for a time of fun for all. We encourage little splashes with arms and invite moment to legs, we reach out for small toys and play in the water. Babies particularly love bubbles. 

Repetition promotes learning while keeping a fun environment. The songs and rhymes are the most natural way for babies to listen and learn. All activities are carefully balanced to ensure they have fun and stay relaxed.
Our underwater activities continue to focus totally on the baby, with small exercises designed to maintain their trust and confidence, while watching their faces and responding to their cues.

This class teaches the parent the proper etiquettes and safety tips for being in the water with an infant.


Ages: 2 – 3 years old
Level 1. Beginner
Gentle introduction to water. These toddlers love to play! They love to splash, jump in, kick their legs and chase the balls. The main idea is water introduction without the parent. We encourage them with fun games and songs put together with swimming. Repetition makes learning to swim easier and natural for them.
Level 2. Intermediate
In this level we instill water safety knowledge, like walking or returning to the on the wall on their own, becoming conscious of how to get out of an unwanted situation.
Level 3. Advanced
These toddlers are extremely comfortable taking little swims on their own, both with noodles and without the assistance.


Ages: 3 – 5 years old
Level 1. Beginner ( Swim distance 3 yards to 6 yard. )

In this level we instill water safety knowledge, like walking or returning to the on the wall on their own, becoming conscious of how to get out of an unwanted situation. 
Bubbles, kicking, arms and introduce rhythmic breathing and activities with the hoop-mat make independent swimming fun. Repetition with small progressions advances swimming skills.

Level 2. Intermedia ( Swim Distance 6 yards to 12 yards.)

We start swimming with kickboards, noodles and fins to improve alignment and style technique. This Level introduces new skills in preparation for stroke learning, they begin to enjoy the water with some swim skills independence. 
Our Jellyfish can enter and exit the water safely, gradually learning to swim short distances on their own. They start their swim laps on their own, putting together submersing the face in the water, breaths and kicks.
We introduce big pizza arms and rainbow arms. They love to wear their goggles and dive.

Level 3. Advanced
They begin to get arm strength, holding under water and lifting their head to breathe. All children learn to swim basic freestyle, back stroke, and breaststroke for the upcoming age group skills.


Ages: 7 years – 9 years old
Level 1. Beginner

Swimmers are able to swim 15 to 25 yards. 
Introduction of all 4 strokes and technique improvement.
Refine freestyle and backstroke skills.

Level 2. Advanced
Swimmers are able to swim 25 to 50 yards. In this level we continue to practice and improve previously acquired techniques. Introduction to butterfly. Focused on side breathing and re-introduction to breaststroke.


Ages: 10 years and up
Level 1. Beginner

Swimmers are able to swim 50 yards. 
Refined freestyle and backstroke skills. Swimmers will focus on refining freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, increasing endurance, and polish learned butterfly stroke.

Level 2. Advanced
Perfect for children who can swim 75 yards in all four strokes. Focus is on race starts, turns and distance, as well as technique.

Adult Swim Lessons

It's never too late to learn how to swim

Learn how to swim, gain confidence and self-esteem.
Beginners level start by learning the basics of floating in the water, and incorporate strokes while being supported by floating tools.

At the end of this course, you will be able to do the basic strokes including freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.

Home Private lessons

All ages

All levels welcome. 
We evaluate and apply the skill teaching accordingly.
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